Site & Building Analysis

Hydranautics utilized B&G Consultants to perform a pre-lease analysis of three buildings under consideration for their new manufacturing facility. While working under extremely demanding time constraints, B&G Consultants developed a comparative qualitative analysis of each property and a financial model that projected a $3.8 million savings over the 10-year lease term for the recommended location.

Due Diligence Consulting

General Electric Investment Corporation retained B&G Consultants to perform pre-purchase due diligence surveys for two high-rise office buildings in downtown San Diego. B&G Consultants' analysis provided the in-depth understanding of each property necessary to negotiate a $2.8 million reduction in purchase price.

Lease Work Letter Analysis

Gemini Sciences, Inc. saved over $350,000 while using B&G Consultants for lease work letter analysis for their new build-to-suit research facility. These savings were realized after B&G Consultants identified proprietary contracting procurement terms in the lease work letter, then negotiated with the landlord for an allowance to offset costs anticipated to comply with these terms.

Cost Control

In the role of construction manager for the San Diego Unified Port District's Lindbergh Field remodel, B&G Consultants' efforts resulted in change order cost reductions of over 25%, with total savings of over $1.5 million.

Pro-Forma Budget Development

The board of directors for the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology approved B&G Consultants' no-frill budget for their new research facility with a strong admonishment that cost overruns would not be tolerated. Diligent oversight by B&G Consultants during the 16-month development cycle resulted in delivery of a facility that was under budget and met all design requirements of the research staff.

Design-Build Contract Packaging

B&G Consultants provided construction program management for ADFlex Solutions' new manufacturing facility in Aqua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. The facility's remote location offered limited contracting resources and required flexibility in the design and construction process. B&G Consultants implemented a design-build contracting that resulted in the facility being completed on-time and within budget.

Project Scheduling and Expediting

Brooktree Corporation presented a very demanding 10-month time frame to design and remodel their newly acquired manufacturing facility - with final move-in scheduled during their annual Christmas shutdown. B&G Consultants implemented and managed a multi-phase, fast-track design and construction process that met the client's phased occupancy requirements.

Construction Management

San Diego Gas & Electric has relied upon B&G Consultants as their construction manager for a dozen projects over nearly a decade. Construction phase responsibilities included conducting weekly site meetings, directing the contractor to avoid schedule delays, coordinating owner, vendor, and public utility installations and insuring all government agency approvals.

Team Selection and Contract Formulation

La Jolla Country Club selected B&G Consultants to manage the remodel and expansion of their 70-year old clubhouse. B&G Consultants developed requests for proposals, conducted interviews, and negotiated contract agreements for all project team members including the architect, design engineers, general contractor, testing, and inspection firms and numerous furniture and equipment vendors.